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Jezebeth Demon Dolls and Comic Book Series Now Available Worldwide

Deborahz Demented Dollz and SGL Entertainment headed up by Jeffrey A Swanson and Damien Dante, have come together to create the JEZEBETH DEMON DOLLS For Sale Worldwide. The Jezebeth Demon Doll is based on the character Jezebeth (created by Damien Dante) from the Jezebeth Movie Franchise. Each Jezebeth Demon Doll (Aprox. 14 inches tall) is custom made, unique and one of a kind. Each Jezebeth Demon Doll is also numbered and signed by its creator Deborahz Demented Dollz. And, if you want a doll that has already been sold, or you have a specific request you can ask Deborah to custom make one for you. For more info and purchase options go to:



Jezebeth Comic Book

Also, SGL Entertainment and Stigmata Studios has joined forces to produce the Jezebeth Comic book. Jezebeth is a series of cult horror vampire movies produced by Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson of SGL Entertainment. This comic series will continue the story of the demonic, vampire Jezebeth and expand the crazy and twisted universe of the movie franchise. Present day Jezebeth has moved on from the Blandy massacre and is captivating audiences and prey by weaving dark magic into heavy metal music. However, a righteous Witch Finder emerges to track her down. Story by Jon Towers and Jesse Saxon. Written by Jon Towers and Jesse Saxon. Art and design by Jon Towers. The Jezebeth movie franchise was created by Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson.

Buy the Comic Book starting at $1.99 at IndyPlanet.com


Visit the Jezebeth Store for These Items and More:


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